Summer Resources

With Summer coming I thought I might share some things to look at and consider over the break.

Blogging can be a powerful tool for any teacher. One idea I’ve discussed with several Elementary teachers is using a blog to practice writing responses for the SBAC.  Here are a couple sites for blogging that aren’t filtered.



You can also listen to this webinar on Podcasting.

Many of you may be looking for some easy formative assessment tools. Here are some of my favorites-

Plickers – Free and easy way to use your smart phone for quick assessments

Kahoot – Gamify your assessments

Socrative – In depth assessments

Zaption – Embed your assessments in video

Poll Everywhere – Use texts for assessment

Common Sense Media ( A Great Resource) has an extensive list on their Graphite Website.

Google Maps can be used in a lot of creative ways. Google Lit Trips and Google Treks are a couple examples.

I’ve previously shared the Interactive Sites for Education website that has a lot of resources and games you can use both with your SmartBoard and as enrichment activities. I would like to point out there is a whole set of sites for keyboarding practice.

I’ve posted and talked to some teachers about the power of programing using Arduinos. Arduinos are inexpensive open source boards that can be programed for interactivity. I’ve been working with Roger Wagner (The original developer of HyperStudio) using Hyperstudio for students to program Arduinos for interactive maker projects. Roger is creating an advanced board to make it easier for students to create project, called a HyperDuino. Here are some links and resources if you are interested-

HyperDuino Page

Arduino Home Page

HyperStudio Forever Free (four card stack)

Here’s a quick video showing how to do a Mystery Skype –

There are also a  couple great learning opportunities this summer-

GAFE Summit – August 13 & 14 Learn Google Apps for Education

CUE Rockstar – August 5-7

Microsoft in Education Workshops – Numerous free workshops at the Microsoft Store in the Fashion Show Mall

I would also like to suggest a couple TED Talks-

The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice (McGrath Davies)

The Child-Driven Education (Sugata Mitra)

Bring on the Learning Revolution (Sir Ken Robinson)